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Chutes & Giggles Rodeo 2010 was a great success!  Check out our sponsors and our winners. 

"On the back of my powerful, unconditional friend - I walk, I run, I learn to trust. I leave my fears behind and the world becomes a place where I instantly belong. Accepted in spite of what I am not, I^m given the chance to become more than I am. In control of my own destiny, I am free, if only for a moment. This, my friend, is...Liberation!" - Messerli, 2005

Liberation is the embodiment of therapeutic riding. This beautiful bronze Marquette, created by Chris Navarro, is being offered to help the efforts of REACH 4A Star Riding Academy. This limited edition bronze can be purchased for $1500.


By Chris Navarro

Limited Edition of 250

Height 11" Length 20" Depth 7"

Contact Us

REACH 4A Star Riding Academy

4250 N 6 Mile Road
Casper, WY 82604
Phone: 307-472-7827



The rewards of helping with a therapeutic riding program are almost as great for the donors and volunteers as they are for the riders.  Side-walkers and horse handlers get an aerobic workout walking many miles in the arena while groomers and tackers enjoy the benefits of strength training changing tack on the horses.  We provide training for all of our volunteers so that they can learn new skills as well.  Volunteering also fives the community a chance to be a part of a team and experience the camaraderie of the group.  For those that have generously donated to or volunteered for the program, it only takes watching one ride to understand what a great thing you have helped.
Do I have to have horse experience to volunteer?  No.  We provide training and a buddy system until you have been signed off as ready to volunteer independently.  Most volunteers start as side-walkers and work their way up to being a horse handler.
How old do I have to be to volunteer?  We don't have a specific age limit for volunteering in general but you typically have to be at least 14 to help directly in a class.  Younger kids can volunteer for various other things as long as they have an adult with them.
How much time will it take to volunteer?  Your volunteer time with the Riding Academy is determined by you.  A typical class will require a 1 1/2 hour time commitment for a 6 week period.  Some volunteers come out for multiple classes (thus their time commitment is longer) and some only come out every other week.  However, we do ask that you show up for whatever commitment you gave us.  Classes can't happen without the volunteers.
How do I get started as a volunteer?  We offer several trainings throughout the year.  Check the Calendar of events under Trainings to see when they are this year.  If you are anxious to get started right away, call REACH 4A Star Riding Academy at 472-7827 and someone will contact you.
Wish List


Barn supplies


Rakes (stall pickers)



Flatbed trailer

Wheel barrows


Water tank/buckets


Hay feeder

Bridles (headstalls, reins, snaffle bits, curb bits)


Halters and lead ropes

Grooming equipment

Saddle pads/blankets

Grooming buckets

Saddles (English and Western)

Tool racks/hangers

Horse blankets

Bedding (sawdust)

Bareback pads

Hoof flex


Fly spray

Safety stirrups


Tack racks/organizers

Purina Senior Feed

Saddle racks

Cat food





2 – 16’ gates

Office/Arena supplies

20 – Horse sponsors

1st Aid kit (hangable)


Dry erase boards

Stretchy gloves




Artificial pine trees





Ground Poles