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The primary partner for equine assisted activities such as Therapeutic Riding. Therapeutic Riding may be uncommon to this area, but it is certainly not a new idea. As far back as Ancient Greece, the power of using a horse for helping people was recognized and utilized. Then, the European countries started formalizing the use of a horse in therapy and now today it is a world wide recognized therapy. While Hippo therapy is provided by a physical/occupational/speech therapist and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy is provided by a licensed psychotherapist/psychologist/counselor, Therapeutic Riding is provided by a certified instructor and takes on a more recreational setting. One of the great things about this part is that the benefits of the other two therapies tend to overlap in the Therapeutic Riding setting.






Information Processing

Emotional Range

Problem Solving




Gastrointestinal Function

Conflict Resolution

Language Reasoning

Response Time

Impulse Control


Sensory Integration

Social Attitude

This is really just a few of the benefits as the benefits are as numerous as the types of disabilities and conditions that participants present. The group setting of Therapeutic Riding also offers opportunities not available in a one-on-one setting. But it is really about the horse. The gait of the horse mimics a person’s gait. The warmth of the horse relaxes muscles that are tight. The rhythm of the horse is consistent and organized, making it difficult to resist getting into rhythm with the horse. Directing the horse and having the horse follow the commands is an instantaneous reward. The horse is also a great motivator. Horses bond with participants in ways that appear to be mystical to humans.

THERAPEUTIC RIDING is a powerful and effective therapeutic approach that has an incredible impact on individuals, their families and care-givers. THERAPEUTIC RIDING addresses a variety of physical, emotional and mental health and human development needs including: behavioral issues, attention deficit disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders, abuse issues, depression, anxiety, relationship problems and communication issues.

For more information about how you or someone you know can become involved in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, Hippo therapy, Therapeutic Riding Activities, Events or Recreational Horse Programs and Services, contact Karol Santistevan at REACH 4A Star Riding Academy at 472-7827.



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